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Personalised Paper Napkins/Serviettes

Serviettes displaying a printed initial can add a special touch to any special occasion. Your chosen initial is printed onto the corner of each serviette in Gold or Silver Foil only.

Serviettes are available in a variety of colours in Cocktail (30 x 30cm), or Dinner (40 x 40cm).

Printing on Serviettes using Initials in another font to that displayed (Monotype Corsiva), or using more than one initial, or using several words e.g."Happy Birthday ...." ( not more than 25-30 letters ) require the use of a Die which Personality will provide at an additional cost of $75.

You will receive an email with the artwork for the Die from Personality before printing commences.
We look forward to discussing your requirements in detail.
N.B.Only one colour can be used for the printing.
Please allow at least 3 weeks for a special order which requires a Die to be made.

N.B. Please allow at least 3 weeks for an order which requires a Die to be made.

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Personalised Paper Napkins/Serviettes perfect for any occasion. 

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Printed Paper Napkin/ Serviettes
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Extra $75 for DIE.
(Please refresh the page if you want to change the order.)
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